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Aliénor Massenet

Extremely independent and a bit of a rebel, Alienor has found her ideal mode of expression in perfume. Her comments about a job full of contrast and subtlety:

Very spiritual, she holds onto certain values that come from her religious education: “Myrrh, incense or labdanum are always included in my perfumes, an attachment for things religious.”

A constant battle to create perfumes that are both highly original and totally accessible over and above concepts and briefs and to never lose sight of the fact that it is the public her projects are for: “to find new ideas all the time that have an impact on what people are looking for…I always try to surprise myself, that way I am more inventive”!

A rather abstract style of perfumery: she gets her inspiration from other artistic fields. “I often think of perfume in terms of colours, shapes and materials, like architecture or painting. I picture certain fragrances like solid blocks and others like staircases”…

A very personal olfactive language with a spirit of independence and liberty, typical of each of her creations.

Perfume that has shape and colour - almost like architecture … An abstract, instinctive approach and she taught herself most of what she knows. Alienor has found her calling, an expression stronger than words, a creativity that suits her temperament.

Of Hungarian origin, an aunt who is a painter, grandparents who are chemists and a tremendous amount of travel added, cultural diversity to her childhood, Alienor exercised her sense of smell like other children practice the piano: “I used my sense of smell much more than any of my other senses. An aptitude I learned to play with and which in the end made me different”. At about 12 or 13 her favourite game was guessing what perfume people she came across on her way to school were wearing: “everyday was a different challenge and this motivated me far more than anything I did at school” she says.

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